“Who Else Wants to Build a Six Figure a Year Business by Turning Your Knowledge into
Money-Making Information Products?

Home Study Webinar Mentoring Course
Plus Super Bonuses!


You're an expert. You have a message. You know you are meant to impact countless individuals in a positive way. Yet, you're struggling to get your message out.

Is your information, knowledge, expertise and message something you absolutely believe in and know is destined to change the lives of others?


You owe it to yourself to learn the FASTEST and EASIEST way to package your information into money-making products and services.

And! you deserve to learn it from someone who has a proven track record with product creation.

I've been creating educational information products for over 17 years. You name it, I've likely created it; eBooks, eReports, teleseminars, webinars, books, learning guides, multimedia programs, telesummits and more. 

Little did I know how profitable product creation could be. Nor did I realize the freedom they would give me by being able to make money while I sleep.

When you know how to package your knowledge into money making information products you never have to worry about the economy ever again.

I've generated multiple six figures a year for many years as a direct result of products I've created.

I will teach you how to generate revenues regardless of what's going on with the ups and downs in the economy others are experiencing.

I created Six Figure Product Creation program with busy entrepreneurs in mind so you can get to the end result in record time.

You don't have time to muddle through a bunch of fluff. Your time and energy are valuable and I know you want to get to the heart of creating money-making products that your clients are eager to invest in.

My step-by-step system will eliminate the frustrations and struggles that come from trying to figure this out all by yourself. You save time, money and energy.

If you're new to product development or you've tried your hand at it and it just isn't working this program is for you.

If you were starting from scratch, and you wanted to make six figures a year offering your advice and how-to content to people around the globe the easiest way to do this is with product development.

In the new economy, those who know how to develop products that make them money while they sleep can literally write their own ticket.

If you're still depending on dollars for hours isn't it time you stopped?

Imagine creating one product and making money from it over and over. It is possible. I've been doing it for years as have many of my clients.

With Six Figure Product Creation you learn the fastest route to create eBooks, audios, videos, multi media programs and webinars through an Exclusive 4 Module Webinar Training.

You learn how to create products to build your subscriber list, your revenues and your market position. Products that position your expertise and make you money while you sleep. Products that others are eager to promote and sell for  you.


Connie Ragen Green 

The Best Investment I've Ever Made

The Six Figure Product Creation training course is hands down the best investment I've ever made in my business.

Kathleen presents in an organized, take action way that makes it simple for me to take immediate action to create my information products, build valuable relationships in my niche, and increase my income quickly and easily. She over delivers in a way that makes this a 'must have' training if online success is your goal.




D'vorah Lansky, M.Ed. and Bestselling Author

Open doors to new ideas and opportunities

Working with Kathleen is amazing. She is able to easily clear the fog, light up the runway, and point us in the right direction to experience new levels of success. I find it interesting that the action items that come out of our sessions not only clarify my goals, but they open doors to new ideas and opportunities.




Session Video replays, Power Point Slides, Presentation Audio, Q & A Audio, and Transcripts of all the trainings so you can continue learning
over and over.

Module 1 Lay a Solid Foundation
To assure profitable product creation there are key factors to consider.  In Module I you  learn exactly what you need to know to get started from start to finish, how to avoid the headaches other people experience with all the "nonessentials" they think they need and how to create your first (or next) product in record time.

In this session you learn preparation, market identification, what initial offerings work best, how to generate money making ideas, planning your products and getting started.

You also learn key insights into why now is the time to position your expertise and create product, what to do first, what you can do to create value added content, what your job really is, how to develop eBooks and eReports, why books are a great addition to your product mix and what type of landing pages convert.

You will also learn how to be super productive with the very productivity model I use. A model that allowed me to developed the very program you are joining in on, write, write and publish my most recent book, Power Up for Profits; The Smart Woman's Guide to Online Marketing and take it to Amazon bestseller in record time, help a client launch a highly profitable telesummit and more.

You will also learn how information products were the launching pad for my last live event that generated over $160,000 in revenue.

This one strategy alone will be worth the price of admission.

Module 2  Teleseminars, Webinars and Prudent Strategies for Marketing
Getting started is one thing, continually moving forward is something completely different. In Module II learn exactly how to stay motivated and inspired, know exactly what your market wants, needs and is willing to pay for, a simple process to use surveys to create copy that converts to subscribers and buyers, how to develop powerful content for your teleseminars that positions you as the go to expert, how to formulate ideas and content for webinars, more insights on marketing and list building and five very specific, effective and proven marketing strategies.

This session will help you gain massive clarity on how to be viewed as the "go to" expert in your field. When you are viewed as a leading authority opportunities are all around you. Opportunities that equate to an increase in revenue and market reach.

Module 3  Continuity Programs, Home Study Courses, List Building and more on Marketing
In this session you will learn the best of the best on what membership programs are best for your market and your expertise, how to have people pay you as you are developing a home study course (courses you can sell for hundreds and even thousands of dollars), four primary types of money making partnerships that are win/win relationships, and more on marketing and promotions.

Module 4 Seminar Speaking, Blog Tours and Marketing
It's one thing to generate your initial product offerings, it's something completely different to find more ways to increase your revenue streams. In this session you will learn how to create multiple streams of revenue through repurposing your content as well as various types of products and services to offer.

Learn how to optimize other proven methods for providing services to your clients that they willingly pay thousands (even tens of thousands) of dollars for.

In addition you will learn how to develop money making seminars (even in a downturn economy), find speaking engagements, use blog tours to market yourself and position your expert status and create an ongoing vision.

EXTRA! In each session you learn proven and immediately usable marketing, promotions, list building and revenue generating strategies.

Bonus Module  Social Media Marketing
This is a special session dedicated to effective ways to use social medial to build your market reach in order to increase revenues.

You are going to learn Proven and Effective Marketing Systems, Responsive List Building, Hot Copywriting and
Money Making Selling!


PLUS! These extra Bonuses!

Support Material

  • Product launch calendar - Use this to plan your profitable launches

  • 100 Article Directories - A great choice of where to submit your articles

  • Interview Host Sheets - This is a must have for radio interviews and are surefire timesavers


Fast Tip Training Videos
Short, one topic training videos. Each is designed to get to the heart of the subject matter and most are under five minutes so you don't waste time muddling through useless information.

  • Creating Audio Files

  • Finding Product Ideas    

  • FREE_vs_Paid_Pages 

  • Screen Capture Videos

  • Pricing Products

  • Outsourcing

  • OTO - One Time Offers -

  • Double Revenues 

  • Daily Productivity Log Video

  • Accountability Form Video

Recommended resources

There are resources you need to have to optimize your effectiveness such as shopping carts, audio recording programs, software and support services.

You receive my personal list of favorites I recommend including service providers I use. You also receive templates, check lists, cheat sheets, and other great tools to get you going fast.



Resource Guides
An added bonus to this training are the robust resource guides you receive. Each contain high content with easy to apply action steps to move you forward quickly.

  • Foundation For Success
  • Position Your Expertise
  • Market Identification
  • Information Products


Plus! Social Media Training - Social media changes all the time. You receive the latest and greatest step-by-step training on how to get the most out of your social media time. You learn how to use social media to effectively market and promote your products. Knowing this will put you way ahead of what others are doing.

You will learn about the main social networks and how to integrate your efforts to gain the greatest benefit including:
  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn 


  • YouTube 

  • Google+

  • Pinterest

  • Slideshare


Super video training (this special video training is perfect for those just starting out)

  • How to buy a domain name 

  • How to buy a web hosting account

  • How to your domain to a web hosting account

  • Installing WordPress automatically using C-Panel

  • Installing WordPress manually via FTP

  • How to create a new post in WordPress



And Lots of extras!

  • Receive videos of all training

  • MP3 files of every training session

  • Transcripts of the live webinar training

  • PowerPoints of all live webinars

  • Scripts


  • Actual emails used in marketing campaigns

  • Cheat Sheets

  • Check lists

  • and much more!



Kerry Pharr

Over the top!

Kathleen's training on how to create products that sell is the most practical training I've ever seen. Thank you Kathleen for your over the top training.

In Your Corner, Kerry Pharr





Teresa S. Beeman

The training far exceeds the cost!
Kathleen Gage is a top-notch trainer. It has been my privilege and pleasure to be connected to Kathleen since 2006. I know first-hand that she delivers the highest quality materials and information. Her enthusiasm and high energy are inspiring, and she cares deeply about the success of the people who look to her for mentoring.

Since starting The Six Figure Product Creation course, I have used my newly-acquired knowledge to put up a blog, develop it on a daily basis, start building my list, write an eBook, outline 4 courses

I am going to teach, and begin development of my own membership program.

The value of the training I have received far exceeds the cost of the program. I would highly encourage anyone who is serious about developing a business that will yield a six figure income to enroll in Kathleen's course while there is still time.




Value - $2618

The Transformational Life Home Study Course (Value $127)
Instant download when you invest in The Six Figure Product Creation Course.
The Transformational Life
Is perfect for anyone who wants to take your exploration of life to one of the deepest levels possible. You will learn exactly what I do to create a life filled with joy, abundance, contribution, caring, creativity, vision and passion.


Bonus Video Based Training

Social Media Marketing Made Easy Video Based Training
(Value $297)
4Training Videos!


Section One Setting it all up
Learn the fundamentals of how to upload videos, audios, PDFs and images to your WordPress site, using YouTube, Amazon AWS S3, FTP and WordPress Media feature. You will also learn how to set up a basic landing page with an opt in box in the WordPress platform. Additionally you will be shown step by step how to setup a “buy now” button in PayPal and add it to your product page.

Social Media Marketing Made Easy Video Based Training
(Value $297)

Section Two Making Friends With Social Media
Discover How You Can Better Serve Your Market When You First Create Great Relationships. Discover How Creating Great Relationships Will Allow You to Better Serve Your Market. In this robust section you will have a great introduction to Social Media,

You will discover some uncommon ways to engage your community to gain even more value from your social media involvement.

Learn effective social media marketing strategies that will save you time, get you results and make you money.

Get Your Book Done in Record Time AND Discover How to Choose what Route to Publish Your book (Value $297) 2 Training Videos


Section Three The power and profit of writing and publishing
a book video based training

Write Your Book Strategically
•Discover how to position yourself and your book for maximum business impact
•Learn 3 ways to seed your book so that it becomes a magnet for your ideal clients
•Find out an easy process to create information products from the material in your book
•Discover newbie author mistakes and how to avoid them like pro
•Learn how to write a book you can be proud of….and that builds your business


Publish Your Book for Maximum Profits
•Understand the 4 publishing pathways and how to determine which one is ideal for you
•Set a realistic timeline for your book’s publishing process- and how to make money while you are waiting for books to be printed
•Find out the 6 stages of author profitability and key steps during each stage
•Discover when to publish print books and when to publish just for Kindle
•Find out book marketing techniques for every budge


Private Forum

Private Six Figure Product Creation Facebook Forum ($1197 Value)

Join in with other hundreds of other product creation members to network, share ideas, get feedback and build your business. Kathleen personally visits this group daily to answer your most pressing questions.




Trisha Jacobson

You Over Deliver!

Kathleen once again, you over deliver! Thank you for your enthusiasm, great content, tips, resources and networking opportunities that will help me create product and expand my reach to the teens, young adults, parents and professionals I serve!




Lori Lynn Smith, Holistic Life Coach

From 'ok' to 'Over the Moon'

I was looking for a course or system that would give me the step-by-step
that I needed to take my next product from 'ok' to 'Over the Moon'.   I have found that with Kathleen's course.  Action-packed Webinar's, course material in many different formats, lots of resources and bonuses.  The different formats allows you to review the material in several ways thus learning it faster and at a deeper level.  Best of all is the community that Kathleen creates with everyone that is participating in the course.  Thanks Kathleen!



Nomi ShannonThe Raw Gourmet Health Author, Chef and Lifestyle Coach

You over-deliver every time!

Kathleen, What can I say? The past courses I’ve taken from you (both your
 fabulous free content and courses I’ve purchased) have helped me grow both financially and in business know-how. This current course, Six Figure Product Creation, is educating me and elevating me further in learning how to share my knowledge in my niche of raw food and alternative health.

You over-deliver every time, and your ability to break complex subjects down into understandable how-to-do-it content is what I appreciate the most.



Kathi C. Laughman Founder & President The Mackenzie Circle LLC


It is so refreshing to be getting concise, actionable feedback about building a business.  Much of this information is “out there” but your course is one of the best places I’ve been able to find that really breaks down the logical flow of steps for going from ground zero to the “sky is the limit”. 

 Just understanding those basic steps and how to fully leverage the information products I am developing has proven invaluable already. I am now blogging, have a book almost ready for publishing, have a radio show starting up and can see more potential than ever for the future of my business. I’ve made more progress in the last two months working with you than I have in the past year trying to decipher all of this on my own.  How gratifying it must be to know that you are having such a positive impact not only on our businesses but also in our lives as a result.
mackenziecircle.com - kathilaughman.com


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IMPORTANT NOTE: We require you do give the program your full effort before we refund your money. Why? Because we know that if you go through every module, apply the information and give it an honest effort, you’ll get results. It’s that simple. If you do the work and don’t get value, then we don’t deserve your money and we’ll gladly refund you.

A great deal of effort goes into any program Kathleen Gage brings to market. For this reason we ask that only those serious about their business get this program.

Success in business is a two way street. We deliver 100% on our promise and you MUST be willing to commit to learning and implementing the information. If you are not able to do this, do not get this program.

We are here to serve the people we are best suited for. We stand behind the value and quality of this program.


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